The Denton Together Coalition is a network of community stakeholders working together to promote effective and positive community relations and foster an environment of respect among diverse populations in Denton.

The Coalition is committed to engaging the community in an ongoing dialogue to proactively address human relations issues and celebrate diversity throughout Denton. Human relations refer to those activities which promote human dignity, equal opportunity and harmony among the many different citizens of Denton.  It includes those activities and programs promoting the general well-being of citizens without regard to race, color, creed, gender, gender-identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, abilities, or national origin in their daily activities.  This responsibility includes receiving complaints from citizens and attempting to reconcile disputes within the community.

Denton Together Coalition meets once a quarter. The Coalition may meet on a monthly basis depending on issues and incidents within the Denton Community.

Denton Together Coalition Leadership Team
  • Roxanne Del Rio, Chair - Preside Over Coalitions Meetings and Events
  • Cheylon Brown Co-Chair - Denton Dinner Table & An Hour of Prayer
  • Cassandra Berry Co-Chair - Virtual Peaceful Protest & Community Conversation Initiative & Facilitator
  • Secretary - Position Open

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